10.0.01 → Default Gateway, IP Definition and Router Configuration


10.0.01 → When hiring a service provider of the internet, many times the access password provided is standard and the operators do not inform which can be the path of modification.


We all know that it is possible to make changes to the name and also the password to access the WiFi. However, the question is about how this is possible.

To access the area changes of the router, before it is necessary to find out the IP number of the same. Without this address, it is not possible to find the location where settings can be modified and with this there will be no way to customize the access to the network.

Below you will find all the information about this process of modifications, since the method to find the IP to the access.

Which means 10.0.01?

The 10.0.01 is one of IP numbers that there prowling the internet, but this is not the only address found on the web. If the number of your router is really this, simply follow to the subtitle “How to access the 10.0 0.1?”.

However, if you still do not know what is the address of your IP, go to the subtitle “what to do if 10.0.01 is not my IP?”. The process of modification of the password of the WiFi is very simple, not a rocket science as many think.

How to access the

To access the IP 10.0.01, you will need to open the browser and enter the numbering of the correct form. It is important to emphasize that any mistake can lead you to the desired location, redirecting to a search on Google or Bing, or to a nonexistent site.

The correct IP to be typed is:

It is important to say that the computer must be connected on the router with a network cable, or it must be set to the machine’s central network. Otherwise it will not be possible to connect to the settings area.

When you type the IP in the browser, a new window will open requesting the user’s login. By default, the companies usually provide the following access:

• Login: admin
• Password: admin

If you have already accessed this area before, you need to review what the login page or contact the provider of the internet.

After acessara settings area, several options can be configured as the availability of bandwidth to the machines on the network and also the WiFi password, as well as your name.

What to do if is not my IP?

If your IP is not, you need to find out the correct address of your router. There are two ways to find out the numbering and the right of the instrument:
• Seeking on the router:
In own machine it is possible to find a label that has all the indications of the IP, as number, correct and complete, in addition to the password and login access.
• Seeking on the computer

If the adhesive doesn’t already exist, it is possible to find the number of IP through a computer connected to the network in question.

To do this, we need to click on the network icon (wi-fi) with the right button and choose the option “Network and Sharing Center”.

A new window will open and in it you will need to click on the current network. Choose to see more details about the connection and in the “IPv4” there will be the full IP of your router.