192.168 01 – IP Address Definition and Router Configuration

192.168 01

192.168 01 → To configure the WiFi network is often a headache for those who do not know well about the subject. Not rare are the cases in which people do not know how to access the settings, this is very simple to be found, not being a beast with seven heads.

192.168 01

To make modifications in the WiFi password or the other regarding the availability of bandwidth of your router, you need to first recognize what your IP number.

Without this numbering is extremely important to access and you will know how to identify it below.

What means this number?

The IP number serves as an address to access the internet, and this is the path that must be done to enter the settings area of your WiFi network.

In general the number may be look like this IP 192.168 01, but each manufacturer has its own variation access.

It is necessary to take into account that to enter the sector of network settings you need to enter the number correctly, with all the points necessary.

Before using the Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V, make sure the numbering is correct. If you do not know how to identify, see below for how it is possible to recognize the IP right of your router.

How do I know that it is my IP?

The numbering 192.168 01 may not be your router, and if not, do not worry. There are basically two ways to be able to identify the address that should be used by your shape.

The first, and most simple, is viewing the existing information on the device that routes the internet. It is common to be on it a label which tells you the IP address, the access link and the login that must be used on the page.

If the label already no longer exists, that it is quite common, you can find the number through a computer that is connected to the network.

Simply click on the internet icon with the right mouse button and choose the option “Network and Sharing Center”.

Then you need to click on the network to which it is connected, and in Detail, check the information available on the “IPv4 Default Gateway”. The correct number of the IP will be right next to that row of data.

How can I access the configuration area with 192.168 01?

To access the settings page, you will need to open the browser available on your computer. Give preference to applications to more traditional ones such as Google Chrome, Windows explorer or Mozilla Firefox, as they tend to be compatible with the vast majority of sites.

Another thing that must be done is the connection of the computer with the router. The PC or Notebook must be the master of the network and for this you will need to connect it with a network cable, for there is no doubt.

Type the IP in the browser and a window will open, this requesting login access. Usually, the default is “admin” for login and “admin” for password, unless the manufacturer provides other access, or you have already changed the login.

After entering the site it is possible to modify the WiFi password and other settings pertaining to the band.