192.168 l 254 → IP Definition and Wi-Fi Router Configuration

192.168 l 254 Router Login

192.168 l 254 → Change the name of the WiFi and the password access is a process very simple, but that not all people know the paths that should be done to be able to make the changes you want. It is not difficult if you have an internet provided by an operator simple, things become even more common.

192.168 l 254

During the installation of the internet, it is customary for the professional on the technical assistance available to the client the access IP to the router settings.

What is 192.168 l 254?

The 192.168 l 254 is the IP provided by the operator to the configuration of the WiFi router of your home. The access is quite simple and custom, where the client can see a step by step how to change the password of the network and also the name it will have.

One of the things that must be said is that the IP must be entered in the correct form, with all the numbers and points in place. Otherwise, it will not be possible to access the network settings. In case the IP is correct:


How to access the configuration?

To access the configuration of the internet network offered by the company is necessary to have the IP address and be on a computer that is connected to the network in question, preferably with a computer that had a network cable connected to the router.

After typing or pasting the IP into the browser, preferably one of the large (Explorer, Chrome or Firefox), just follow the step by step offered here.

First you will need to identify which type of customer is you, then you must give some information about your registration on the service provider.

When you access the settings?

The portal is addressed with the IP 192.168 l 254, can be accessed at any time, however, it is more appropriate that this service be used during business hours.

This tip is for those who do not have much intimacy with the process of modification of the network, because in case an error occurs it is possible to seek the customer service of the operator.

If you are available settings, on the configuration of the band, avoid making modifications that you do not know the outcome.

The router tends to come with the most suitable configuration to promote the best possible data transfer, changes to undue that may decrease the performance, destabilize the internet or simply make it not connect more.

What do I do if I cannot connect on the 192.168 l 254?

If you have typed the IP correctly, as has already been indicated previously, and the site configuration has not appeared, to seek contact with the customer service of the operator.

The only thing you can do before you pick up the phone and call for the operator is to check if your computer is the core of the network.

For this issue it is recommended that the PC or Notebook is connected with a network cable in the router to make changes to the name of the WiFi and also the password access.