192.168.l.l → Wi-Fi Router Admin Login and IP Definition

192.168.l.l Router Admin Login

192.168.l.l → Reconfigure a network is a process that can seem like a great beast with seven heads, but in truth the access the settings area is very simple and can be done by any person.


The difficulty is in the fact mess around in options that require some specific knowledge, such as limiting bandwidth to certain computers on the network.

However, changing the WiFi password and the name that it has when it is visible it is something simple that does not present any difficulty.

You only need to have the IP of your router and the default sign him. Below you can find all the information you need to modify the WiFi password.

What means IP?

The IP is the IP address that the router manufacturer, or the operated provider of internet offers to make the network settings of the device.

The number 192.168.l.l is very common among the IP which can be found through the web, he being the path to a particular type of shape.

To access the IP, this should be typed into a browser, it is necessary to put all the numbers and points the right way.

It’s like a puzzle, any part that is wrong it will cause a sense of strangeness and not take you to the real goal, access the settings page of the router.

The number 192.168.l.l for example, you are typing wrong. To access the configuration area of this type of provider is necessary to compose the following:

What can I do with this number?

When you type the IP number in the browser, it will take you to a specific page. If it is properly placed in the window which will appear will show a text box where you need to do the login of the router.

By default, the companies often use the following keys:

• Login: admin
• Password: admin

This option can be modified later, even to maintain a higher security to your WiFi network. Other options can also be modified such as the name of the WiFi and the connection password, in addition of course options for the supply of band among others.

To access the IP, to give preference to connections that are made on computers that are connected to the network through a cable with the router.

This must be done so that the modifications can indeed be made, otherwise the access to the IP may be denied.

How to find out the IP of the router?

If the 192.168.l.l is not your IP number to find the correct one there are two ways to proceed. They are:

  • Searching by the router

The router usually has a sticker where it will be all the information needed to access the settings, such as number or IP access link, and the login (admin/admin).

The box of the product may also rely on this information.

  • Looking at computer

A computer or notebook that is connected to the network can also be the path to find the IP number. In this process, simply click on the network icon (wi-fi) with the right button and select the option “Network and Sharing Center”.

Click on network and then click details. The IP will be next to “Ipv4 Default Gateway