192.168 o 1 → Wi-Fi Router Admin Login and IP Definition

192.168 o 1 Router Login

192.168 o 1 → The numbers are always lurking around when we navigate the internet, but most of the times we don’t give a lot of attention to them and not seek their meanings. There are numeric symbols in site links, Google searches, and in many other places on the web.

192.168 o 1

The numbers only begin to be an important need when we need it to solve some computer problems, as is the case of configuring the network of a shape regular or wireless. It is here that arises the 192.168 1.

What is 192.168 o 1?

The 192.168 o 1 is the number of given IP router, being it the address of the access to the settings that can be made on the network.

It allows the user to have a path to the zone adjustments, where it is possible to modify the access password to the WiFi or the options of bandwidth to each computer that is on the network.

It is important to highlight that so that the access is done correctly, the IP should be typed without any error. The very typing of the number 192.168 o 1 said above is wrong, being that the IP should look something more like this:

What can I do with this IP?

The IP is an address, and serves as the path to the area configuration of a router, which must be accessed through a web browser large (Chrome, Explorer or Mozilla). Other browsers can be used, but not all have the support you need for certain pages.

How to access the 192.168 1?

After you correctly type the IP in the browser chosen, a window will load up. It is in this new page you will need a login to enter in the area of adjustments. By default set by the companies, it is common to see the login being done in the following way:

• Login: admin
• Password: admin

This form of access can be modified later, and this is an appropriate recommendation to avoid intruders to make any modification on your network.

It is stated also that the access is done through a computer that is connected to the router via a network cable. This method is the most correct for the IP to actually work, otherwise the page will not open, providing only an error message.

How to find the IP of my router?

If your IP is not the 192.168 o 1, there are two maneias to figure out what the correct numbering for your router.

Search through the unit

The router usually comes with a sticker in your body telling you what the IP access to the settings, also bringing in the data referring to the login page. The casing of the device can also rely on the information, as well as the instruction manual.

Search through the computer

A computer connected to the network can also learn how to find the IP, to do this just click on the symbol of the network (WiFi) with the direct button and choose the option “Network and Sharing Center”.

Then just right click on the connected network, and in detail, the IP will be next to “IPv4 Default Gateway”.